Grammys get political early-on with James Corden as host

All eyes on Sunday night were on Adele and Beyonce, who are both competing for album of the year.

Adele opened the 59th annual Grammy Awards with a straight-forward performance of her hit “Hello” before James Corden took the stage and things took a turn for the political.

“The Late Late Show” host rapped about the show and the stars in the audience, and at the end of his rap Corden turned political, sharing a message of unity and quipping about President Donald Trump.

“…With President Trump we don’t know what comes next,” he said mid-rap. “We can survive by sticking together.”

After Corden finished his introduction, Jennifer Lopez presented the first award of the evening and also talked politics.

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“At this particular point in history, our voices are needed more than ever,” she said hinting at the Trump presidency.

JLo presented the award for best new artist to Chance The Rapper.

Paris Jackson then took the stage and stated to the audience, “We can really use this type of excitement at a pipeline protest, guys.”

Throughout the night, a slew of A-list stars performed such as Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce.

Introduced by her mother, Beyonce took the stage in a glittered gown and headdress for a performance that began with a long, spoken video-enhanced presentation about mothers and children. The highly-anticipated performance by the pregnant pop star got a standing ovation from the crowd.

Corden had his own attention-grabbing moment when he showed up in the star-studded audience with a mobile “Carpool Karaoke” cutout car and prompted stars like Lopez, John Legend, Urban and Faith Hill to team up with him and Neil Diamond to sing “Sweet Caroline.”

Twenty One Pilots were early winners during the night. They accepted the trophy for best pop duo for “Stressed out” in their underwear, a move Corden mimicked when the show returned from a commercial break.

David Bowie won a posthumous Grammy for best rock song during the telecast for “Blackstar,” and Maren Morris won the award for best country solo performance for “My Church.”

Singer Adele arrives at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, U.S. , February 12, 2017. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni - RTSYC57

2017 Grammy Awards: Most eye-catching red carpet looks

The Grammys are known for some seriously wacky, sexy and attention-grabbing red carpet looks. Here are the looks that caught our eye this year.

Kelsea Ballerini-Lukas Graham Grammys mashup leaves fans bewildered

Kelsea Ballerini and Lukas Graham joined forces for a mashup for their songs “Peter Pan” and “7 Years,” respectively.

Kelsea Ballerini and Lukas Graham joined forces for a mashup of their songs “Peter Pan” and “7 Years,” respectively.

The country singer and the pop-soul group seemed like an odd pairing and fans immediately took note commenting on the strange performance on Twitter.

Lukas Gram and Kelsea Ballerini is the worst thing I’ve seen all day. #GRAMMYs

— Christina (@ChrisP1019) February 13, 2017

What’s with this Lukas Graham and Kelsea Ballerini mashup? I don’t think I like it. #GRAMMYs

— Laiken (@1D_1follower) February 13, 2017

What an odd choice of songs to mix @KelseaBallerini@LukasGraham#GRAMMYs

— Million Dollar Prons (@PronsWF) February 13, 2017

I actively hate this Lukas Graham song, and this Kelsea Ballerini mashup is THE WORST. #GRAMMYs

— Dacia Massengill (@MsDaciaLynn) February 13, 2017

I don’t know who’s more confused…me or @KelseaBallerini? #DjxGrammys#maxgrammy#GRAMMYs

— KD (@KDonDJX) February 13, 2017

Lucas Graham and Kelsea Ballerini’s duet is very uncomfortable

— Sratty Southerner (@SratSoutherner) February 13, 2017

So confused rn watching @LukasGraham & @KelseaBallerini – what is this? Doesn’t do either justice!?

— Steph Coombes (@ausagventures) February 13, 2017

Nick Jonas encouraged Demi Lovato to unleash her ‘sexy’ side

Demi Lovato said it was her longtime-pal Nick Jonas that encouraged her to show off her sexy side.

Demi Lovato said it was her longtime-pal Nick Jonas that encouraged her to show off her sexy side.

Apparently, Jonas didn’t feel Lovato was sexy enough and told her she was holding back.

“We challenge each other,” Lovato told CBS on the red carpet at the 2017 Grammy Awards.

“And this year he was like, ‘You know, I feel like you’ve been holding back and you can open up to the world. So show your sexy side!’ And I was like, ‘Okay.'”

Clearly Lovato has already taken Jonas’ advice to heart; the singer donned a cleavage-bearing dress to the awards show Sunday night.

List of 2017 Grammy winners so far

Select winners at the 2017 Grammy Awards: Best new artist: Chance the Rapper.

Select winners at the 2017 Grammy Awards:

Best new artist: Chance the Rapper.

Best pop vocal album: “25,” Adele.

Best traditional pop vocal album: “Summertime: Willie Nelson Sings Gershwin,” Willie Nelson.

Best pop duo or group performance: “Stressed Out,” twenty one pilots.

Best dance/electronic album: “Skin,” Flume.

Best rock song: “Blackstar,” David Bowie.

Best rock album: “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” Cage the Elephant.

Best country album: “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth,” Sturgill Simpson.

Best country solo performance: “My Church,” Maren Morris. Best alternative music album: “Blackstar,” David Bowie.

Best R&B album: “Lalah Hathaway Live,” Lalah Hathaway.

Best jazz vocal album: “Take Me to the Alley,” Gregory Porter.

Best jazz instrumental album: “Country for Old Men,” John Scofield.

Best urban contemporary album: “Lemonade,” Beyonce.

Best compilation soundtrack for visual media: “Miles Ahead,” Miles Davis & Various Artists

Producer of the year, non-classical: Greg Kurstin.

Best music video: “Formation,” Beyonce.

John Travola can’t read teleprompter at Grammys

John Travolta isn’t known for his excellence when it comes to presenting at awards shows.

John Travolta isn’t known for his excellence when it comes to presenting at awards shows.

The actor was tasked with introducing Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood’s performance at Sunday night’s 2017 Grammy Awards but could not read the teleprompter.

“For sure I’m not going to be able to read that prompter, but I’m excited to be here,” the clearly-flustered star said.

After rambling for a couple of minutes, trying to buy some time in hopes the text would get bigger, the 62-year-old eventually opted to go the old-fashioned route by reading the cards he had in his pocket.

Travolta infamously flubbed “Frozen” star Idina Menzel’s name at the 2014 Oscars calling her “Adele Dazeem.”

‘Code Black’ cast teases shocking season finale

CBS’ “Code Black”  is in the middle of it’s second season and the cast spoke to FOX411 teasing the thrilling end of the season.

CBS’ “Code Black” will air its season finale on Wednesday and the cast spoke to Fox News about what viewers can expect.

Rob Lowe, who joined as a new member for Season 2, said the Wednesday’s episode will have a powerful ending. According to Yahoo, the show’s fate is still up in the air, as Season 3 has yet to be confirmed.

“It’s a very strong ending for the season and it’s been a very strong season,” Lowe said.

The show is about an overcrowded emergency room in Los Angeles and the challenges presented to the doctors as patients fight for their lives. Lowe said the finale fits the year the show has had.

“It’s like a sports team that is finishing a great, great year,” he said. “Every game is great. You can’t build a season on one game or one story plot, and we are not trying to win the season at the end. Every episode is what it is. It’s that amazing combination of authentic medicine, real human authentic drama, unbelievable action, and we will make you cry. We will ring it out of you.”

And star Marcia Gay Harden hinted that some of the doctors may not live to see the third season.

“Great action sequences that take place in Los Angeles, the doctors go out to Los Angeles and do risky operations and risky rescues and bring them back to the hospital,” she said. “… We are trying to track down a really deadly disease and some of the doctors get infected… Maybe some people don’t make it.”

Boris Kodjoe said, for him, the show is personal.

“This is a special experience for me because so many things happened,” he said. “My dad was a doctor and he gave me advice before I started the show: He told me always keep your heart rate under 50 because you are the pilot of the plane; You can’t freak out because everybody is looking at you for comfort. I’m keeping that with me on the set and he passed six months ago, so it’s almost like I’m honoring him on the show.”

Meanwhile, Harden said working on the show has changed her perspective.

“I think just how at the same moment vulnerable we are as a human body and human being and yet absolutely resilient at the same time and your body is an incredible machine,” she said. “And it’s funny because we are human and we forget that everyday and we take our health for granted… [The show has] made me really aware of the process of the body.”

The “Code Black” finale is tonight on CBS.

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Garth Brooks reveals the real meaning of country music

The country music veteran finally answers the question: what is country music?

Garth Brooks has seven diamond-studded albums under his belt now, but there was once a time when even he was regarded as not being country enough. The CMA Entertainer of the Year nominee recently sat down with Taste of Country to discuss his years of country criticism and to answer the long debated question: what is country music?

“It’s sincerity,” Brooks tells Taste of Country of the genre’s definition. “That’s all it is. It’s sincerity and it’s real. People today are saying, ‘Hey, is today’s country music real because it has hip-hop and dance in it?’ When we came out, we were the guys who weren’t considered real country at all because we had Boston, Queen, Styx in our stuff along with [Merle] Haggard and [George] Jones. Well, they’ve got Brooks, [Tim] McGraw, [Kenny] Chesney along with hip-hop and dance. It only makes sense. Country music is what is sincere, that’s the main thing.”

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Brooks says he is a fan of today’s country music and looks to artists like Dierks Bentley, who continue to carry the torch within the genre with honor.

“You’ve got guys like Dierks Bentley — one of the most sincere guys on the planet — as long as these guys are singing country music, it’s in good hands,” he says.

So, did people often critique Brooks and say he “wasn’t country”? He confirms in the positive.

“All the time! Now you listen to stuff like ‘Two of a Kind’ and you’re like, that’s stone country! Back then people were going, ‘That’s not country music.’ Everybody goes through it,” he reasons.

Jessica Alba on the two biggest challenges she faces at home

Jessica Alba has plenty of mysteries to solve, day and night.

Jessica Alba’s latest problem on her hands? Her daughter’s love for seriously sky-high stilettos.

“The kids always get into my shoes,” the 35-year-old Honest Beauty Company founder told Us Weekly on how Honor, age 8, and Haven, age 5, enjoy wearing their mother’s couture pumps. “Oh, my gosh, it drives me crazy because I think they’re gonna break their neck.”

The monkeys -love them so much💞💞💞 #familyvacay

A photo posted by Jessica Alba (@jessicaalba) on Dec 28, 2016 at 6:36pm PST

“They always want to get into my shoes and then, like, go down the stairs,” she added. “I’m like, ‘Really?’ And it’s always like Alaïas, like triple platforms — the craziest ones. How about a little flat? Nope, it’s like a giant Alaïa, giant Stella McCartney.

And that’s not the only challenge Alba has to tackle at home.

She also tells the celebrity news magazine that while she and her husband, 38-year-old Cash Warren, love to wind down together by streaming their favorite shows, she’s in charge of keeping him up to speed.

“He really likes ‘First 48,’ ‘Lockup,’ and I end up having to stay up to solve the mysteries and he’s snoring and I’m like, ‘Dude! Why are you putting this on when you peacefully go to sleep to murder right before bed?’… It’s like a lullaby to him,” explained Alba.

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“I’m too emotionally invested for that kind of television. I’m always trying to be like Angela Lansbury and like solve the crimes.”

At least Alba can easily crack the case of the great shoe escape.

Amy Duggar and husband Dillon King reveal why they’re in ‘Marriage Bootcamp’

The couple also dishes on how many kids they’re really looking to have.

After only being married for seven months and engaged for less than two, Amy Dugger and Dillon King decided they needed counseling.

But unlike other couples, the cousin of the famed “19 Kids and Counting” Duggar family and her husband were revealing their early troubles in front of cameras for the world to see. However, Amy does credit her time on WE tv’s “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” for helping her come to terms with an abusive incident involving a family member she has decided not to name ahead of the show’s airing.

Marry your best friend. I do not say that lightly. Really, truly find the strongest, happiest friendship in the person you fall in love with. Someone who speaks highly of you. Someone you can laugh with. The kind of laughs that make your belly ache, and your nose snort. The embarrassing, earnest, healing kind of laughs. Wit is important. Life is too short not to love someone who lets you be a fool with them. Make sure they are somebody who lets you cry, too. Despair will come. Find someone that you want to be there with you through those times. Most importantly, marry the one that makes passion, love, and madness combine and course through you. A love that will never dilute – even when the waters get deep, and dark.” Pc:: @mileswittboyer @grubbw Great job!👏 #homesession

A photo posted by AmyRachelleKing (@amyrachelleking) on Jan 31, 2017 at 12:11am PST

“I’m grateful I had the opportunity,” Amy told Fox News. “I wished I could have done it behind closed doors… It’s not that I regret saying his name… Well, I regret talking about it on camera, but it’s something that just literally blew out of my mouth and the doctors could tell that I was bothered by something.”

“The question was, ‘Who hurt you when you were a little girl? Who was someone that first brought you pain? And this person — I tried to hide it, I did. But the doctors were like, ‘No, there’s something there. There’s something bothering you,’” she said.

“And before I had the chance to really think about it and clear my mind, [the name] came out in therapy. And I forgave this person. This person is having a hard time forgiving me for mentioning it on camera. But in the moment, I literally forgot cameras were even there.”

Amy revealed that a male relative had allegedly picked her up by the throat and lifted her toward the ceiling. When a teaser was released in late 2016, the Arkansas native cleared rumors on Twitter that it involved her husband.

The story I was describing in the Marriage Bootcamp teaser does not involve Dillon in any way. #Ilovemyhusband

— AmyRking (@amyduggar) December 7, 2016

Some have speculated the male involved could be Josh Duggar, Amy’s cousin who made headlines for admitting he sexually abused four of his female siblings when he was younger.

The name of the individual is expected to be released in that upcoming episode.

For Dillon, who didn’t know about the incident until that moment, he wanted audiences to know that their time on a reality TV series wasn’t a quest for fame.

“I think the general public and anyone who asks us tends to forget that we’re not there to be involved in some show,” he explained. “We’re there going to therapy and there are cameras catching the therapy. And so a lot of people tend to forget that and go, ‘Why would you say that [on TV]?’”

“It’s not like it was a planned out thing where we said it just to get ratings. There were things from the past that needed to be worked on.”

Another thing the couple wanted to set the record straight on? Parenthood. In their words, the duo aren’t seeking to match Amy’s uncle Jim Bob and aunt Michelle Duggar’s 19 children.

“I don’t think we envision having a huge family,” said Dillon. “Amy and I are pretty set on the two or three number. We’re not looking for double digits, that’s for sure!”

Amy added, “But we do wanted to make our relationship as healthy as it could be,” she said. “I don’t think we want to bring kids into our lives or anything like that until we’re as healthy as we possibly can be.”

The couple did admit that things got pretty heated when it came to airing out their marital woes. Especially when it involved their cat Winston. According to Amy, the then-kitten jumped on Dillon’s back and hung on with its claws, leading to a major dispute.

“When [Dillon] picked up the cat, he got him by the neck like you’re supposed to, and meant to put him down on the table, but the cat was freaking out and he accidentally hit the table a little harder than what I would have liked and preferred,” said Amy. “I freaked out. I just thought about the people in my life, those that had a temper. I told him, ‘I don’t want to be with you if that’s how you’ll be.’”

“Dillon isn’t a cat abuser, that’s for sure,” she clarified. “And I do not swing at my husband. I think the only time I did was on the cat incident. But other than that, I don’t hit my husband. I have a lot of respect for him.’”

Despite those moments aired on the show, the couple is satisfied with how they’re being portrayed. And while Dillon made it clear he had no interest in filming another reality TV series in the near future, his wife hasn’t completely rejected the idea.

“I think it depends on what kind of show it would be and whether it would benefit the marriage or not,” she explained. “We’re not out to reveal the world every part of us. There are some things that are still sacred and marriage is a covenant.”

“Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Stars” airs on Fridays on WE tv.

HS basketball prospect scores 92 points in rout

A high school basketball player in California scored 92 points Tuesday, saving a large part of his scoring to the last eight minutes, where he scored 41 points, The Los Angeles Times reported.

A high school basketball player in California scored 92 points Tuesday, saving a large part of his scoring to the last eight minutes, where he scored 41 points, The Los Angeles Times reported.

LaMelo Ball, a sophomore at Chino Hills who is already committed to playing at UCLA, helped his team win 146-123 against Los Osos.

The coach for Los Osos, Dave Smith, called the effort “a joke.”

He said his players were fouled on purpose so they could not run down the clock and deny Ball points, the report said.

“That’s wrong,” Smith told The Times. “It goes against everything CIF stands for. The Ball boys are very talented and great players, but it’s embarrassing to high school athletics. I’ve been coaching for 35 years, and we’re turned high school athletics into individualism.

Ball’s younger brother, LiAngelo, a freshman is also committed to UCLA.