Erin Moran’s husband reveals her tragic final days with skin cancer

Erin Moran’s husband is opening up on the final months of the “Happy Days” star’s life.

Erin Moran’s husband is opening up on the final months of the “Happy Days” star’s life.

In an open letter shared by former co-star Scott Baio on Facebook, Steve Fleischmann described how the 56-year-old actress had no idea she was gravely ill until around Thanksgiving in 2016.


“Erin woke up and had about a dime size blood stain on her pillowcase,” wrote the widower. “She said I think I bit my tongue… We get like 4 days into December, there’s more blood. I get a flashlight and say let me look. It was not her tongue it was her tonsil and on the left side. I thought it was tonsillitis.”

After a visit to the ENT, Moran was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer which is mainly caused by UV exposure over the course of a lifetime. She promptly began radiation and chemotherapy to fight the disease. Unfortunately, it quickly worsened.

“It got so bad so fast,” wrote Fleischmann. “By the middle of February, Erin could no longer speak or eat or drink. She had a feeding tube implant and I feed her 6 to 8 times a day. She was still happy, she was active, she texted people on her phone all day.”


By April 21st, Moran had difficulty breathing. She would pass away on April 22nd, while watching television and holding her husband’s hand.

“The coroner told me it was really bad,” added Fleischmann. “It had spread to her spleen, she had a lot of fluid in her lungs and part of her brain was infected. The coroner said even if she was in the hospital being pumped full of antibiotics she would still not of [sic] made it. He said it was the best that she was with me and went in her sleep.”

‘DWTS’ pros Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy ‘safe’ after cops respond to incident at their home

“Glee” star Heather Morris and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were eliminated on “Dancing with the Stars” last night. And in another shocker, Morris claimed someone allegedly tried to break into the home Chmerkovskiy shares with fellow “DWTS” pro Peta Murgatroyd after the show.

LOS ANGELES – “Glee” star Heather Morris and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy were eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars” on Monday night, and following the show, someone tried to break into the home Chmerkovskiy shares with fellow “DWTS” pro Peta Murgatroyd, he said.

“Early this morning, there was a trespasser who attempted to break into our home,” he stated on Tuesday. “The LAPD responded and my family and I are all OK.”

On Tuesday morning’s “Good Morning America,” Morris, 30, gave her “DWTS” exit interview, but said Chmerkovskiy couldn’t appear because of the incident

“They had some sort of run-in with some man near their house trying to break in, but the police were there. They took care of it. So they’re safe and Peta’s OK. That’s the most important thing.”

An LAPD spokesperson would only tell Fox News that there was a civil dispute that happened around 1:30 a.m. in the morning on Tuesday “and there was no crime report taken, so no crime occurred.”

Although Chmerkovskiy was ousted with Morris on Monday night’s “DWTS” after the couple had earned the season’s first perfect score of 40, he was upbeat after the show.

Chmerkovskiy, 37, told backstage reporters with a laugh, “This is so strange that it’s kind of OK. I feel there was a chance and opportunity for Maks and Heather to develop and to build every single week, and we got that cut short.”

The veteran dance pro was replaced by substitute Alan Bersten, who danced with Morris for several weeks when Chmerkovskiy suffered a calf injury.

But a recovered Chmerkovskiy made a triumphant ballroom return on Monday with a rumba to remember with Morris — until they got the unexpected axe.

“I just feel bad that it took so long for me to get back” from the injury, Chmerkovskiy shrugged.

When asked if he might not do the show next season after the shocking elimination, Chmerkovskiy replied, “I’ve been here for 12 years…No, it has nothing to do with it… My job with Heather was to make sure our segment is as best as we possibly make it and I think that that’s what we delivered on every week. I wish I was here for the other weeks.”

Murgatroyd, 30, who gave birth to their son, Shai, in January, competes with “The Bachelor” star Nick Viall this season.

She told reporters after the show about her fiancé Chmerkovskiy being eliminated, “He came back. He was so positive and really excited to be back and dancing again and then to go out like that. I mean, it hurts me as much as it hurts him.”

As Murgatroyd remains a competitor on the show with Viall, Chmerkovskiy told Fox News on Monday night that now he can spend more time with their baby son.

Now, “Mommy’s gotta go to work!” he laughed.

ABC referred questions about the alleged break-in incident to Chmerkovskiy and Murgatroyd’s reps, who haven’t yet responded to requests for comment.

‘The Waltons’ star Mary McDonough: I was ‘starving’ myself to fit in

Mary McDonough may have found fame as Erin in the hit 1970s series “The Waltons,” but success came with a price.

Mary McDonough may have found fame as Erin in the hit 1970s series “The Waltons,” but success came with a price.

The now 55-year-old actress, who first joined the show at age 11, appeared on the British program “Loose Women” Tuesday alongside her co-star Michael Learned, revealing that she was told she was too fat for television.


“Erin was supposed to be the pretty one, so there was a lot of pressure for me to look a certain way and weigh a certain amount,” explained McDonough on appearing in the TV drama about a Depression-era family living in Virginia’s rural Blue Ridge Mountains.

“I created a body image issue for myself — a lot of radical diets and starving and trying to fit in and be perfect, until I realized there is no perfection is that way.”

Remember little Erin from The Waltons?! Actress @Mary_McDonough will be joining us today with Michael Learned who played her mum Olivia!

— Loose Women (@loosewomen) April 25, 2017

Still, McDonough has fond memories of her TV family and even declared that shows today just don’t compare because they often lack “a sense of family and community.”


“I think that it’s something that has been missing in the world, and especially lately,” explained McDonough. “They’re missing a sense of family and community and coming together as an extended family. Everybody can relate to it. They either wanted that family or they had that family.”

Watch @Mary_McDonough & Michael Learned on @loosewomen TODAY (25th Apr) – then meet them here TOMORROW (26th) at Mary’s book signing 1.30pm!

— Waterstones MK (@WaterstonesMK) April 25, 2017

“The Waltons” ran for nine seasons from 1972 to 1981. Since it finished, McDonough appeared in several films and TV shows, including “Ally McBeal,” “The West Wing” and “Will & Grace,” among others.

Learned, who played McDonough’s TV mom Olivia Walton, previously told Fox News that she considers her former cast-mates as her second family and sometimes even regrets leaving the show early in 1979.

“Yes, there’s been times when I’ve regretted it only in that it probably would have been better to complete the whole show,” said the now 78-year-old actress. “But frankly, when John-Boy came back with a new face and a new voice, it was like something happened. I just couldn’t do it anymore… and also, I felt a lot of the times I was sitting around for 14 hours saying, ‘More coffee John.’ The fact is, I was bored. And I thought I had enough money, which wasn’t true.”

Eric Trump on Chelsea Handler’s tweet after baby announcement: ‘It’s sad’

Eric Trump is still hitting back at Chelsea Handler’s mean tweet about his wife Lara’s pregnancy.

Eric Trump is still hitting back at Chelsea Handler’s mean tweet about his wife Lara’s pregnancy.

In March, the comic tweeted after their baby announcement, “Just what we need. Another person with those jeans [sic].”


“It’s just sad, right?” Eric tells Dr. Oz on Tuesday’s show of the response on social media. “Sad that society’s gotten to the point where something as beautiful as this and life and babies and innocence … really gets taken down like that because of politics. I mean, that’s how divided we’ve become as a nation … It’s really, really sad. This is a very special thing and it should be celebrated. When someone spells genes incorrectly, you kind of have to turn your head and ignore it a little.”

Handler corrected herself at the time, saying, “Sorry about spelling mistake. I meant ‘genes,’ not ‘jeans.’ I’m a little stoned.”


Eric says he’s fine being in the public eye, but “Where I find it harder is when I see my little brother, you know, Barron, or when I see Tiffany, who’s kind of just coming into her own … it’s a little bit tough when you see young children getting hit every single day by grown-ups.”

He adds, “There’s supposed to be an unwritten rule and, unfortunately, it’s just not being followed.”

The couple appears on the show to speak out against puppy mills, even though in February, President Trump removed the USDA’s animal welfare data from its website, which publicly lists breeding operations that have received violations.

This article originally appeared on Page Six.

Faye Dunaway expresses guilt for Oscars 2017 fiasco

Faye Dunaway is looking back at the mishap that took place during the Oscars in February when the wrong film was announced as “Best Picture.”

Faye Dunaway is looking back at the massive blunder that took place during the Oscars in February when she announced the wrong film as the “Best Picture.”

Dunaway recalled when her co-presenter Warren Beatty hesitated and showed her the results card.

“He took the card out, and he didn’t say anything. He paused,” the 76-year-old actress explained on “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” Monday.


She said the pause caused her to think Beatty was joking, and she said as much in the moment.

“He looked over me, offstage,” she added. “He looked around. And I finally said, ‘You’re impossible.’ I thought he was joking. I mean, I thought he was stalling. Warren’s like that. He kind of holds the power…”

When the duo were onstage to present the Academy Award, they held a card that stated Emma Stone had won for “La La Land.” Consequently, Dunaway declared that film to be the winner of the Oscars’ top prize for 2017. However, it was “Moonlight” that was actually the true winner.


Dunaway explained she felt “completely stunned” and “very guilty” by the error.

She said she didn’t notice that the card had the actress’ name on it.

“I thought, ‘I could have done something, surely,’” she said. “Why didn’t I see Emma Stone’s name on the top of the card?”

Is ‘Dancing with the Stars’ rigged?

Controversy is not new to the hit ABC reality show “Dancing with the Stars,” and on Monday night, the question of whether or not the show is rigged came up after fans were astonished when “Glee” star Heather Morris and pro Maks Chmerkovskiy were eliminated after earning season 24’s first perfect score.

Controversy is not new to the hit ABC reality show “Dancing with the Stars,” and on Monday night, the question of whether or not the show is rigged came up after fans were astonished when “Glee” star Heather Morris and pro Maks Chmerkovskiy were eliminated after earning season 24’s first perfect score.

After the show, Chmerkovskiy’s baby mama and fellow “DWTS” pro Peta Murgatroyd (who performs with “Bachelor” Nick Viall this season) was asked if the odd outcome made her think it must be rigged.

Murgatroyd said, “You know, I don’t think the show is rigged. I mean, we’ve gone over and over [it], like people ask us that all the time.

“I don’t know for sure. I don’t count the votes or anything like that.”

“I mean,” Murgatroyd paused. “I don’t know. Maybe Nancy Kerrigan is America’s sweetheart.”

When asked if she would demand a recount, Murgatroyd, 30, joked, “Hell, yeah!”

But then the stunning pro, who has been on “DWTS” for 10 seasons and has won twice, laughed, “You can’t do that. Once you’re out, you’re out.”

Still, Murgatroyd was clearly upset her boyfriend Chmerkovskiy was eliminated with Morris, saying, “I was just flabbergasted, to be honest with you. I just thought that Maks and Heather would stay.”

Meanwhile, Kerrigan’s devoted partner Chigvintsev, who has worked wonders with the 47-year-old Olympic ice skater, pointed out to reporters, “Any of us can go home.

“Nancy did a phenomenal job of improving. Whatever happens, happens. I feel really sad for Heather and Maks but it’s just tough. The audience gotta vote. If they like you and they want to see you continue going forward, they’re going to vote. That’s the bottom line.”

And also, during last week’s Disney night, Kerrigan received a higher score from the judges than Morris.

Morris’ jazz dance based on the movie “Frozen” with fill-in partner Bersten got cut down to size by Judge Carrie Ann Inaba on April 17.

“It was a bit underwhelming,” Inaba sighed.

Judge Julianne Hough also chimed in, saying to Morris, “You could have done many more moves.”

And incredibly, Morris admitted to the judges afterwards, “There wasn’t a lot of dancing in it.”

So maybe Morris’ ouster wasn’t bizarre after all.

America remembers Pat Tillman on 13th anniversary of his death

The former Arizona Cardinal lost his life serving the country.

Pat Tillman lost his life serving the United States 13 years ago on April 22, 2004.

The former Arizona State and Arizona Cardinal star was an Army Ranger and died in the mountains of Afghanistan of what was found to be friendly fire.

After his death, Tillman was awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart.

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America remembered Tillman on the anniversary.

Today marks 13 years since we lost a member of our family and an American hero, Pat Tillman.

His spirit lives on through @pattillmanfnd.

— Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) April 22, 2017

Today marks the 13th anniversary of Pat Tillman’s death

— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) April 22, 2017

13 Years Ago Today. Pat Tillman Died in The Act Of Duty. Turning down an NFL contract to serve our country. He will Always Be Remembered. 42

— Sam Butler (@samuelbutler333) April 22, 2017

Honoring a hero, 4.2 miles at a time w/a few thousand peeps!!

— Susan (@SusanCadena) April 22, 2017

Absolute “sea of people” (28,000 strong) honoring one of the best men this country has ever known… PAT TILLMAN.

— Willie Bloomquist (@williebloom) April 22, 2017

Fun morning @pattillmanfnd Pats Run…honored to be a part of this special event! @TheFirstTee #42

— TheFirstTeePhoenix (@TheFirstTeePhx) April 22, 2017

How great are the @FootballASU guys for cheering on the runners to finish strong ?

— Pat Tillman Fnd (@pattillmanfnd) April 22, 2017

Thankful to have the Pat Tillman run in honor of his legacy

— Sparky The Sun Devil (@SparkyArizonaSt) April 22, 2017

Our pack had a great morning running 4.2 for No.42 at #PatsRun!

— Arizona Coyotes (@ArizonaCoyotes) April 22, 2017

Thank you Pat Tillman for your wisdom and courage, for the example you set not just for athletes, not just for troops, but for Americans.

— Sean Doolittle (@whatwouldDOOdo) April 22, 2017

13 years ago today we lost Army Ranger Pat Tillman in Afghanistan.

— Liberty’s Heroes (@LibertysHeroes) April 22, 2017

Pat Tillman gave up a multi-million dollar contract, in the @NFL, to serve his country. R.I.P you American patriot.

— Based Monitored (@BasedMonitored) April 22, 2017

‘Inside the Marlins: The Bullpen’ premieres April 23 on FOX Sports Florida

The newest episode of Inside the Marlins will focus on the bullpen.

MIAMI (April 22, 2017) — Tune in tomorrow, Sunday, April 23, at 8 p.m. on FOX Sports Florida, the statewide television home of the Miami Marlins, as we get set to premiere an all-new episode of “Inside the Marlins” upon conclusion of the Marlins vs. San Diego Padres game.

“Inside the Marlins: The Bullpen” explores the unique dynamic of the team within a team, the relief pitchers. From the skill sets and situations, to the personalities and pitch counts, handling a bullpen is often a Major League manager’s toughest task. Marlins fans will get to explore the bullpen’s family-like mentality throughout the episode, in addition to watching feature segments such as taking a closer look at Brad Ziegler‘s unique pitching delivery and hearing the story of Dustin McGowan‘s battle with diabetes.

Tune in on FOX Sports Florida and FOX Sports GO as we debut “Inside the Marlins: The Bullpen,” and be sure to follow @FOXMarlins on Twitter and Instagram and visit for channel listings and exclusive Marlins video coverage.

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Kevin Garnett takes unfiltered approach on TV in Area 21

Minnesota Timberwolves all-time great Kevin Garnett brings his personality to his show

Sitting on a mahogany throne, wearing a casual red sweater, tight grey jeans and sneakers, Kevin Garnett turned to the rapper and actor Ludacris in a lounge chair beside him and asked the obvious question.

“Let’s say you can dunk and you had all these league skills, how would you use the afro on offense and defense to your advantage?” Garnett said.

“Man, I would pass it with the fro, block shots with the fro,” Luda said.

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It’s the kind of irreverent, off-the-wall conversation that happens across the country when buddies get together to watch sports, razz each other and have a good time. But this one was taking place on national television.

For years, TNT’s NBA coverage has been known for “Inside the NBA,” a studio show featuring Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal. All four crack jokes and break down the highlights while wearing suits and sitting behind a desk. In his first year of retirement, Garnett has infiltrated the television world with “Area 21,” a wholly unique take on the athlete-turned-analyst that now appears every Monday night during the playoffs.

More Timberwolves coverage

“A lot of times I’m with friends when I’m watching sports and it turns into like a barbershop atmosphere and there’s a lot of opinions,” Garnett said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. “It’s intense. If you throw in some salsa dip and some chips along with some cigars, it gets really intense.

“Obviously, we don’t have the cigars and the salsa and the guac (in the studio), but there’s the same kind of energy in the sense of watching multiple monitors and multiple games and being passionate about an opinion, about what you’re looking at.”

Turner built Garnett his own studio in Atlanta, separate from where Kenny, Charles, Ernie and Shaq go over the night’s games in a more traditional, albeit standard-setting, show. His segments appear sporadically throughout the night’s coverage, with Garnett inviting a guest or two into Area 21 to put their own spin on the production.

“Not only do we want to straddle the line between pop culture and sports, and he’s a great evangelist for both of those mediums, but we like to create access,” said Craig Barry, executive vice president and chief content officer for Turner Sports. “Access can come in all forms. The most direct description is how to get the fan as close to the player as possible.”

And it’s not always laughing and joking around. Just last week, Garnett led a riveting discussion with Isiah Thomas and Tayshaun Prince on the modern athlete’s responsibility to speak out on social justice issues. He also got the mercurial Randy Moss to open up about things he wished he would have done differently early in his career, talked with Candace Parker about the criticism she received when she announced she was pregnant and spoke bluntly about Rajon Rondo’s problems with teammates in Chicago.

“You can get on there and relax,” said Gary Payton, who has appeared on the show. “A lot of people like to see things like that because they’re on their couch and they’re kicking it with their homeboys and they’re talking smack back and forth. That’s what they want to see on TV. That’s what he’s doing. That’s why they like it.”

One of the featured elements of the show is a cuss button that sits on a table right next to his throne, something the famously foul-mouthed player can press any time he needs get a few four-letter words off of his chest. Occasionally, he forgets to hit it.

“Shooters shoot the ball,” Garnett deadpanned. “Sometimes when you miss it, it’s to prove a point or send a message. Sending a message is only going to happen once or twice.”

Among the guests to appear in Area 21 are Rasheed Wallace, Latrell Sprewell, Jason Williams and Spencer Haywood, former players who never were media darlings during their playing days. As Garnett got older as a player, he withdrew from the media as well, and his show has given some a chance to show fans a side of their personalities they may not have seen before.

“I look for quality people, people with great character, people we all look up to. I look to people that’s had second skin, made mistakes, understand what life is about, able to inspire, able to talk about the shortcomings and how they made it back,” Garnett said. “Success comes in different forms. I look for inspirational people, people that have a message, out here still active.”

Beloved by teammates but known publicly for his volatile personality, Wallace has appeared with KG four times this season. The two have an easy chemistry, “like an old (expletive) married couple,” Garnett says.

“Me and Mossy, we get together, an average conversation always turns into ego and stats and, `Man I could’ve guarded you,'” Garnett said. “And it’s fun, so although we’re talking about sports, we’re talking about life, where we come from, family, problems, chicks, parties, greatest times, worst times. It’s real friendship. From those perspectives, the guys that I have on are people I sit back and say if I was a fly on the wall who would I love to hear the conversation?”

Turner has built the show as a social media-first vehicle, with clips posted on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube immediately after they air. That’s part of Barry’s vision of catering to the conversations that take place on social media surrounding sporting events.

Since Area 21 is a show-within-a-show, there are no separate ratings for the segments. But Turner said all Area 21 content published on Turner Sports’ social media accounts have generated more than 80 million impressions and nearly 10 million video views to date.

“I feel like there’s a real community building around Kevin and what he’s doing around Area 21,” Barry said. “They really appreciate his honesty and unfiltered approach. Not only does he have his own community, he’s integrated himself into the `Inside the NBA’ community as well.”

Garnett is already thinking about what to do in his second season. He is intrigued by the proliferation of live streaming and wants to explore it.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how I can better this,” Garnett said. “Come new seasons, come new levels and new things with it. I intend to adapt to all those things and make a better show.”

Fitzgerald Glider Kits 300 XFINITY race in rain delay

NASCAR hopes to get race that was halted eight laps short of completion of Stage 2 restarted.

BRISTOL, Tenn. — The NASCAR XFINITY Series Fitzgerald Glider Kits 300 is in a rain delay at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Kyle Larson was leading. He started from the pole and led 154 of the first 162 laps before rain brought out the red flag.

The rain came after Larson won the first 85-lap stage of the three-segment race and just eight laps short of completion of the second stage. Completion of the first two stages required to make the race results official, should NASCAR be unable to get it restarted after the rain delay — so if it is called at this time, it would not be declared official.

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Jet dryers were hard at work trying to get the track dry after the rains ceased, but there is more bad weather in the area. The drivers climbed back in their cars and fired their engines again around 3:15 p.m. ET, only to have the rain begin again before they could get back on track.

At 3 p.m., the chance for isolated thunderstorms and accompanying rain increased to 70 percent. The updated forecast then called for the chance of precipitation to hover between 70 and 85 percent for the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening.



Most notable weather-delayed races in recent memory

Kansas City Star | TNS via Getty Images